Blue Amnesia Autoflower is a light yielding autoflowering hybrid suitable for novice growers. Flowering from 5 to 7 weeks from seed and you can harvest outdoors all year round. Has a THC level around 18%. Recreational users find it euphoric and creative while medical applications are pain and depression.

– Origin: Amnesia x Blueberry x Ruderalis strain
– Genotype: Hybrid
– Sex: Feminized
– THC: 18%
– Yields: 100 gm/sqm (indoors) / 200 gm/plant (outdoors)
– Flowering Time: 6-8 weeks from seed to harvest
– Growth Level: Suitable for beginners

Blue Amnesia Auto’s beautiful buds are hard to ignore – even more so the intense psychoactive high it offers. Don’t let its delicate floral aroma and sweet bubblegum taste deceive you, for this cultivar is undoubtedly potent and hard kicking.

Sweet yet hardcore, Blue Amnesia Auto is not for the faint of heart. After all, it carries the genes of two legendary strains. Amnesia granted it with a euphoric cerebral high, which thrills veterans with its ferocious intensity. Such potency might initially be unnerving. But fret not, for it eventually stabilizes and leaves one with a mind-clearing euphoric high, effectively boosting creativity, focus, and productivity. Meanwhile, Blueberry bestowed it with a profound body high that soothes aching muscles and a stormy mind.

Auto Blue Amnesia is also a medicinal strain. For an auto-flowering variety, it can produce high THC levels, surprisingly. Along with the terpenes and other compounds in this plant, it can relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

One of the best things about Blue Amnesia Auto is its lightning-speed maturation rate that in no way compromises yields. In as little as six weeks after germination, it races from seedling to fully-developed plants, ready for harvest.

The cultivation process is incredibly straightforward as the Ruderalis genetics significantly fortified its resistance against molds, pests, and diseases. Light management will also be the least of concerns as these autos do not depend on light cycles to transition. Blue Amnesia thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings, given that the climate is pleasant and balmy.

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