Heyyyyyyyy folks! I just got back from a quick trip to beautiful Southern California so I thought I’d share this video with you to hopefully clear up some of the misconceptions about the cannabis plant. If YOU have any experience with CBD (or any other cannabis products) please share them in the comments below!

Here are a few CBD products that I have tried and recommend:

CBD for sleep: (This formula also contains synergistic herbs/neurotransmitters for optimal rest)

Topical CBD for pain: https://www.cannatreehouse.com/products/cv-science-raw-hemp-oil-cbd-cbda-balm

CBD for inflammation, alertness, and general heath: https://www.cannatreehouse.com/collections/plus-cbd-oil/products/cv-science-raw-hemp-oil-softgels-60-caps

Charlotte’s Web CBD (Recommended by Joe Rogan): https://www.cwhemp.com/


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