– Origin: Skunk #1 x Afghani
– Genotype: Mostly Indica
– Sex: Feminized
– THC: 14-20%
– Yields: 500 gm/sqm (indoors) / 900 gm/plant (outdoors)
– Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks (indoors) / Mid October (outdoors)
– Growth Level: Suitable for beginners

Cheese is best known for effusing a unique aroma, but its soothing touch is also worthy of the spotlight. Its feminized seeds, borne out of elite parentage, boast of a complex terpene profile, excellent growth traits, and stellar THC potency.

Savoring Cheese’s aromatic and flavorful vapors might as well be the definition of happiness for seasoned smokers. It’s overpowering cheesy, and musty odor might seem off-putting for neophytes, but certainly not for veterans who have grown accustomed to its stink. Meanwhile, the psychoactive high it delivers is universally enjoyable, especially for worn-out souls looking for a respite from daily stressors. It imparts a happy, uplifting high that elevates the mood, closely followed by a soothing touch that frees the mind and body from pain, muscle tension, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Feminized Cheese seeds, staying true to its hybrid nature, exhibits both Indica and Sativa growth traits. For instance, it grows to the usual height of Indica plants but showcases slender-fingered leaves that most Sativa cultivars have. A strain perfect for entry-level growers, growing Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s feminized Cheese seeds is straightforward and rewarding. This plant thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments as long as the climate is dry and warm. However, it is best grown in controlled settings with odor control mechanisms due to its pungent scent. Under the ScrOG setup, it can produce medium to heavy yields about eight weeks after flipping the switch.

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