Chicken growth (Day-1 to 6 Months) || Chicken Facts || Sussex Chicken
The Sussex chickens is graceful with a long, broad, flat back; a long and straight breastbone; wide shoulders; and a rectangular build. The Sussex chickens tail is held at a 45 degree angle from the body. The Sussex chickens eyes are red in the darker varieties but orange in the lighter ones. The Sussex chicken comb is single. The Sussex chicken earlobes are red and the legs and skin white in every variety. Cocks weigh approximately 4.1 kg and hens about 3.2 kg. Light Sussex are available in most parts of the world. They are known for their winter laying, good foraging ability, docile nature, and rapid initial grow

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In This Video Showing Chicken Growth From Day-1 To 6 Months……After 6 Months Hen Start Laying Eggs……..One Chick Becomes Rooster And Other One Is Hen

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