Master cultivator Sam goes over FAQs about medical cannabis growing in modified shipping container farms

Growing medical cannabis and hemp inside climate controlled, automated shipping container farms, allows growers to maximize their yields and investments while providing the framework to scale.

Moreover, these shipping container farms can be used to grow marijiuana or hemp anywhere in the world, as they are sheltered from external climate, sun, wind, rain, and any other factors normally seen in outdoor grows.

Using fans and dehumidifiers, we can mimic outdoor grow environments, while preventing from common crop degradation from pests, mites, molds, and fungi.

Our automated remote app management allows for complete monitoring and control 24/7.

There are many more added benefits to growing cannabis in our Micro Lab Farms, that Sam walks through in this video.

Hope you get some value out of it.

If you’d like to learn more about our containers, and if they’re right for your grow op, contact us through or website (link below) or give us a call.

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