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Grow a beard. A massive full epic thick beard on your face.

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Today I want to talk about growing a beard. An epic massive thick full beard on your face. A lot of people have been commenting on my beard and I think it’s pretty fun and it’s pretty great. And you know people are having a good time and humor with it. Here’s one comment from Ontario homesteader and that got me to thinking it might be fun to make a video talking about growing a beard. I haven’t had a beard my whole life.

I’ve played with the mustache and played with a little upside down V thing underneath the lip and had a kind of a goatee thing for a long time. When we moved here to the homestead I thought hey we’re living on a homestead and what can I do to be more home-steady. It seemed like quitting shaving would be the smart thing to do. And so that’s what I decided to do. Throw away the razors and just not shave.

Here are my five facts tips steps ideas whatever you want to call them about how you can grow a beard.

Number one I think it’s pretty obvious but we have to say it. Stop shaving. Don’t shave it all just throw away your razors and don’t shave. A lot of guys start growing their beard and after a week or two they have some thin spots here and there. Or you have the little stray hairs and you think I’m going to touch it up and shave and I’m going to trim it. Don’t do that. Don’t touch it for at least 30 days even like 40 or 45 days or better just let it grow.

Number two think of your skin care. Hey us guys we’re not too much into that stuff. But once the hair starts growing you’ve got to think about the skin that’s underneath the hair. So ladies you can help your guy out here with skin cleansers. Keeping the skin good and clean is important. Moisturizers and cleansers are good for the skin. So it’ll be healthy. Guys don’t be afraid to ask your lady for a little skin care help.

Number three itchy skin. We all go through that itchy phase. It might be a couple of days a week two weeks whatever but at some point the face is going to start to get itchy. Step number two helps with Step number three the itchy phase. You just have to keep yourself busy keep yourself occupied. Do whatever you need to do and try your best to ignore that itchy phase. Don’t say Oh I’ve had it. I’m going to shave it all off. This isn’t for me. I’m never ever going to be able to grow a beard. This itching is driving me crazy. I promise that eventually the itch will go away.

Number four a beard is good for you. I mean think about it. The beard covers up the skin so it keeps your skin warmer in the winter time. You see the guys with all the snow and icicles and everything. It protects you in the winter. In the summer if we ever get any sunshine around here it’s raining all the time. It protects you from the sun and so it’s kind of like having spf 20 on your skin. If you’re out in the sun all the time having facial hair will protect your skin so that’s a great thing. So it’s healthy for you and maybe that’s an idea that can help you and your lady agree to having the beard. That it’s healthy and good for you.

The most important step at all. It’s manly it’s masculine. Guys look more manly with beards and women like their men manly. At least that’s what I read in all those magazines that women like manly men. You look more masculine you look buffer. So what you do is you get yourself a nice little flannel shirt. Buy yourself a hat. Grow yourself out a nice full beard and then you’re ready to go. Thick beard and let it grow.

Just let it grow. Don’t shave for the first 30 to 45 days and the ladies will like it. You’ll like it. It’s all about being happy fun loving and carefree on your homestead in the suburbs in the city wherever you live.

Be a manly man with a thick beard.

If you have a friend that’s thinking about growing a beard. Ladies maybe you want your guy to grow a beard. Share this video with that person and hopefully it’ll help you and help them out and help educate them to growing a beard. So share it.

Living happy living fun loving and of course living carefree.
Live life doing it yourself.

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