Top Shelf Grower brings you the final four photoperiod cannabis plants at the end of week 11, day 77 post-germination. The heat wave is over, and the Purple Weed has arrived. This week as the nights got cooler my most mature Bruce Banner #3 began to develop purple tones in her flowers. Great Success!

As the day and night time temperatures begin to dip I’m confident my other monster Bruce Banner #3 will also start to blow up with purple buds in the coming weeks. However, the not so Purple Queen plants look like some nice classic Afghan Kush but they refuse to turn purple, not even a leaf so far.

Another couple of weeks and it will be time to harvest the Bruce Banner #3 and Purple Queen that are just completing week 6 of flowering. A deliciously dank harvest is not too far away and at least one purple Bruce Banner #3 pheno is confirmed. More purple cannabis next week.

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