18+ GROWING CANNABIS OUTDOORS AND OFF THE GRID #2. Welcome to Top Shelf Growers outdoor cannabis series. It’s the end of week 2, day 14 and the first 7 cannabis plants have been transplanted. The weather is beautiful with blue skies and plenty of sunshine. So the cannabis seedlings are soaking up 16 hours of sunlight per day.

Bruce Banner #3, Purple Queen, Sticky Beast Automatic, Royal Cookies Automatic and Blueberry Automatic are all potted up in large round white containers. I’m using 17l and 27l white plastic pots and a 15l fabric smart pot. Royal Gorilla Automatic and another Blueberry Automatic are a week behind so they will need another few days before they are ready for transplanting. Also, I took a casualty with one Blueberry Automatic seedling perishing.

The medium all the cannabis plants are growing in is Complete Mix by Top Crop with some extra perlite I added myself. This substrate is a blend of peat, coco and perlite. It’s got enough fertiliser for the first few weeks and drains really well especially with the added perlite. All I’m doing is watering and watching the weed grow in the sun.

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