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Equipment Used: 

(The 3×3 Auto Booth)
**3×3 Vivosun Grow Tent**
**HLG 260w V2 Rspec**
**4 Inch Vivosun Inline Fan**
**Vivosun Oscillating Clip Fan**

(The 3×2 Closet Grow)
**Vivosun Panda Film**
**Spider Farmer SF2000**
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**4 Inch Vivosun Inline Fan**

(The 4×4 Photo Booth)
**4×4 Vivosun Grow Tent**
**Mars Hydro TS3000W**
**6 Inch Vivosun Inline Fan**
**12 Inch Hurricane supreme Wall Fan**

Nutrients Used:

**Old Nutes Used (Roots Organics Master Pack)**
**New Nutes Used (Down To Earth Organic Slow Release Dry Nutrients)**
*4-4-4 All Purpose Mix*
*4-8-4 Bloom Mix*
(Down to earth offers many single ingredients ass well)
**Recharge By Real Growers**

Other Grow Equipment:

**BlueLab Ph Pen Fully Waterproof**
**Thermopro Hygrometer**
**Wattage Consumption Meter**
**Battery Powered Siphon Pump**
**Trim Bin**


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