Old 3×3 Setup: https://youtu.be/6Irp2aIUeb4

Lights I’m using:
3×3 Tent: Grower’s Choice 315w CMH
36″x12″x36″ x2 space for Propagation and Veg
Viparspectra 300w LED’s for top and bottom shelves

4×4 Tent: Spectrum King SK402

Flood Trays I’m using:
HydroFarm Active Aqua Hydro Culture Low Rise Tables
3×3 AALR33B 36″x36″x3.75″
4×4 AALR44B 48″x48″x3.75″

Tents I’m using:
Topogrow 2 in 1 Grow Tent 4×3

Gorilla Grow Lite Line 4×4
with a 1ft extension AND
with a High CFM Kit to prevent the walls from pulling in


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