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In this video Gary shows you how to assemble a complete ventilation system in a 4×4 Gorilla Grow Tent step by step. While using a 400 cfm Vortex Pro-Lite 6″x16″ carbon filter, 6 inch JetFan with speed control and ducting, he explains the importance of proper placement, access, size, odor control and many other variables that you need to know before buying a ventilation system. This is the second video of a complete set up series so be sure to check back in and follow us as Gary explains everything you need to know to grow in a complete 4×4 Gorilla Tent!

Gary is the owner of both PA Hydroponics & All Good Garden Supply as well as one of the in house experts in hydroponics and indoor/outdoor gardening. He explains things so that newbies and professionals alike will get value from his videos.

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