Northern lights Feminized is an Indica-dominant strain with heavy yield, perfect for novice growers and it can stretch up to 100%. It finishes flowering in 7 to 9 weeks from seed and can be grown outdoors to mid October. Northern lights Feminized has a THC level of around 18%. Recreational users find it buds psychedelic and couch lock. Meanwhile, medical applications are primarily for easing pain and stress.

– Origin: Afghani x Thai
– Genotype: Mostly Indica
– Sex: Feminized
– THC: 18%
– Yields: 500 gm/sqm (indoors) / 600 gm/plant (outdoors)
– Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks (indoors) / Mid October (outdoors)
– Growth Level: Suitable for beginners

A strain that needs no introduction, Northern Lights is a timeless classic that awes with its Indica prowess. Apart from producing prolific yields of beautiful, frosted nugs, it delivers pronounced psychoactive and medicinal effects.

Up to this day, the award-winning Northern Lights remains to be the standard by which Indica strains are measured. With roots tracing back to two prominent landrace strains – Afghani and Thai – it guarantees a psychedelic experience like no other. At the first toke, it floods the senses with an upbeat cerebral buzz, which eventually transforms into a couch-locking body stone. Moreover, it is often a sought after remedy for soothing pain, stress, muscle tension, anxiety, and depression.

A feminized strain well-suited for seasoned and novice growers alike, Northern Lights is incredibly easy to rear – thanks to its robust Afghani lineage. It can tolerate slight blunders without compromising yields – thereby making it the perfect beginner strain. Under the SOG setup, it only takes about seven weeks of flowering to harvest prolific yields of tasty, trichome-frosted nugs.

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