In this VLOG, Garden Home Television Host P. Allen Smith talks about one his favorite perennials, the Peony. In front of a live studio audience at Moss Mountain Farm Allen gives planting tips and answers frequently ask questions about peonies. (Episode 10)

Topics Include:
Peony History
Peony Origins
Peony Planting Tips
Peony Growing Tips
Peony Varieties
Peony Shapes
Companion Plants for Peonies
Cut Peonies
Arranging Peonies
Simple DIY Peony Arrangement
Peony FAQ

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“In gardening, and in life, it’s nice to find things you can count on. In the plant world, peonies rank at the top of the list. Prized for their form, stunning range of colors, and exceptional hardiness, few other plants once established bloom so reliably year after year with such little care. Their large, glorious flowers add bright splashes of color to beds and borders and their intoxicating fragrance make them a wonderful cut flower. Peonies are a great value, providing you with years of beautiful returns.” ~ P. Allen Smith

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