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Dr Chris and Dr Xand look at a real placenta to learn how babies grow in the womb
Operation Ouch is a science show for kids that is full of experiments and biological learnings. In this educational TV show, twin brothers Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand do science experiments for kids, to explain us how the human body with all its different parts and systems works, and how medicine and medical procedures can help. Biology for kids in a fun format!
You can buy the book here and download the series here
Lots of science projects to take a deeper look at the human body. Body parts and systems covered including:

Nervous system
– Brain
– Spine

Cardiovascular system
– Heart
– Blood
– Blood Pressure

Human Skin
– Cuts
– Burns
– Bruises and Blisters
– Birthmarks
– Scars
– Stretch Marks

– Skin
– Guts
– Brain
– Heart
– Kidneys
– Stomach
– Lungs

Immune system
– Allergies
– Verrucas
– Bacteria & Infections

Skeletal system
– Dislocations
– Toes
– Arms
– Legs
– Knees
– Feet
– Fingers
– Joints
– Bones

Human Head
– Hair
– Ears
– Yawning
– Mouth
– Eyes
– Teeth
– Lips
– Nose
– Throat

Endocrine system
– Height
– Insulin
– Sleep

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