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What’s up Cannabis Growers, My name is dylan and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown. So today I’ve got the Mini Indoor Starter Kit from the GreenBox Grown site and am going to be showing you guys how to put it together and set it up in your house. I’ll be growing in my bedroom so that is where I am setting up my tent, and I also have a few items Ive added here that aren’t included in the starter kit itself, so just a heads up there. From this video I’m hoping to show you guys how easy it is to set up your Indoor Cannabis Grow tent, and how it requires very little space. Before we get started I would also like to mention we have a 24/7 grow hotline which you can text into with pictures and any questions about your cannabis plants and one of our grow experts will respond as soon as possible with an answer to help you out. And the number that you need to text is down below in the description so be sure to check that out after the video. Alright lets get started by checking out all the equipment I’ll be using in this tent.

All right.  So here we are with all the supplies laid out that I’m going to be using for this grow.  And I guess I’ll just start off going from left to right.  You see I have the fans here, I’ve got two of them.  This one will be oscillating and then this will be hanging up high blowing air for the top part of the plants.  We’ve got the heater here.  Dehumidifier.  These two are optional and really just depend on time of year and where you live.  Obviously, you know, your local weather conditions.  I’ve got a thermostat with the humidity reader on it so you can always monitor those two things.  Got the cords, extension cords and just a splitter for multiple outlets. 

And then of course, a grow light and with the mini starter kit which most of these supplies come in, we give the 300 watt Mars Hydro and that’s really just recommended for if you’re going to grow one small to medium size plant.  If you want to be growing larger stuff we recommend starting with the 600 watt Mars Hydro for every one to two plants indoors.  Got the bungies which are great for hanging the lights from because you can adjust them. 

And then I’ve got the light timer.  I have two different ones here.  This one I can actually control wirelessly from an app on my smart phone.  And then this is just the digital one that you set.  This one isn’t really necessary for the indoor grow.  This is just better for if you’re growing in a green house if it’s like foggy, you can flip on the lights real easily and indoors obviously that’s not going to change. 

 And then I’ve got the seeds I’m going to be using, and these are the Ministry of Cannabis, Autoflower Blue Amnesia Seeds I got five of them here.  And the Ministry hooked it up, sent me these for free, which is great.  I’ve got my nutrients kit here, which this isn’t actually the one I’ll be using.  This is just actually a kit I’ve been testing out.  The ones that only come with this are the General Organics GO Box, and we also have a few other options. 

 Then I’ve got my seed starting stuff.  So I’ve got my solo cups which I’ll be growing them in after they sprout out of these rooters, and I’ll also be starting them off inside this humidity dome.  And then, of course, we’ve got the mini tent which is two feet by four feet, and then I think it’s about four or five feet tall.  Got the pots that I will be growing in.  These aren’t actually the ones I’ll be using.  I’ll be using smart pots but they’ll be two gallons instead of these three. 

And then I’ve got — these gates are great.  They are little screens that just keep the pots off the ground so they can drain properly.  Really cheap, you can get them at your local Home Depot. 

 So there you have all the supplies that you need and now I’m going to show you guys how easy it is to set up the tent itself.  Also, I almost forgot, so this is the area where I’ll be putting the tent.  It will go right there next to my little bed stand up against the wall.  So you can see it will barely take up any space in my bedroom.  And it’s only two feet deep so it won’t be sticking out that far either. 

 All right.  Now the tent is completely set up.  You can see it fits perfectly right in this little corner of my room.  And you can see I have, you know, both the pots and the humidity dome in here but obviously there would only be one in here at a time.  So that’s why it’s kind of cramped in here.  And you can see if you’re growing auto flowers you can definitely fit, you know, six in here maybe like five, may be cramped but you could get it done with enough lighting.


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